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8 Area of Consulting

HartLogic‘s Producer, Content Creator, and Creative considers design more than pleasing to the eye. Design is the core of a holistic approach to understanding customers in depth in order to better meet their needs. HartLogic combines rigorous analytics, creative team inspiration, and in-depth expertise to provide rapid growth for our clients and create results for their customers.

Things we do:

Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Animation, Voice Over, Sound Effect, Written Design, Experience Design, Service Design, Product Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design, 3D Animation, and others.

Today the world is fragmented. Everything is rolling fast, even unpredictable. To be able to adapt as well as possible, a brand must have meaning, coherence, and form. HartLogic designed the brand; changing the brand into experience, communicating the brand’s story, making the brand important.

Things we do:

One on One Interview, Exclusive Interview, Advertising, Brand Guidelines, Crisis Management, Copywriting, Digital Management, Email Blast, Feed Design, KOL (Key Opinion Leader) Management, Integrated Branding, Media Invitation, Media Monitoring / Social Media Monitoring / Keyword Monitoring (Automation / Manual), Media Training, Media Visit / Media Relations, Media Workshop / Journalist Class, Press Release, Press Conference / Press Launch / Media Conference / Media Launch / Media Gathering, Public Relations, Story Pitch, Speaking Program, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Conventional Advertising / Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing, Sales Promotion, Sales Acceleration, Social Media & Marketing, Social Media Syndication, Social Media Activation, Business to Business, Branded Entertainment, Cause-Related Marketing, Creative Design, Customer Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Media & Search Engine, Direct Marketing, Digital Production, Experiential Marketing, Healthcare Advertising, Loyalty Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Public Affairs, Promotional Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Retail Design, Shopper Marketing, Trade Marketing, Viral Marketing, and others.

HartLogic will play the full role of creating Event Concepts and Planning, Organizing, and Event Publication. More than that, HartLogic can help you jointly benefit from HartLogic Events which consists of HartLogic Idea Sharing, HartLogic Community Gathering, HartLogic Contributor Summit, HartLogic Conference, and HartLogic Expo.

Things we do:

Product Launching, Public Discussion, Personal/Employer/Corporate Branding, Fundraising, Campaign, Matchmaking, Educating current / new market, Get Media attention, Increasing public awareness, and others.

HartLogic‘s Technologists, Analysts, Data Scientists, Digital Security, and technology experts can build web applications, mobile applications and business solutions using the latest technology.

Things we do:

Smart Card, E-Rations Card, Food Stamp Projects, Health Insurance Card, Salary & Pension Card, Tax Collection Projects, Transit Fare Collection Systems), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Disaster First Response, Agricultural Automation Watering, Package Delivery, Video Capturing on The Sky, Air Surveillance), Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID for Retails, Asset Management, Consumer Electronics, Entertainment, RFID for Logistics, Internet of Things), Biomedical Devices (Robotic arms, heat sensor), UI & UX, Digital Security, System Analysis, Consultant & IT Solutions, Enterprise Management, E-Government, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and others.

HartLogic‘s Recruiter and Human Capital are available at local and international scale. HartLogic helps you manage the most important asset of your business: your human resources.

Things we do:

Looking for permanent, part-time, or freelance employees for the needs of companies, organizations or events according to your business needs, and others.

HartLogic‘s leaders and human capital have experience in early business, SME (Small Medium Enterprise) and MNC (Multinational Corporation).

Things we do:

Business Process Evaluation, Culture Hack, Problem Solving (brainstorm, ideation, remove bottlenect, mvp) for the needs of Corporate Strategy, Organization, Digital, Innovation, and others.

HartLogic‘s financial expert and accountant ensures that your business financial planning, bookkeeping and financial taxation problems are well managed.

Things we do:

Financial Planning, Financial Bookkeeping, Financial Taxation, Board Services, Business Unit Strategy, C-Suites (Corporate Finance), Financial Regulatory Strategy, Transactions, Trends & Global Forces and others.

HartLogic‘s lawyer and notary has experience in taking care of local and international law.

Things we do:

Creation of a CV / PT / Foundation / Association body, and product / brand / design patent registration using a consulting method assisted by technology, and others.

How HartLogic Consulting Works

HartLogic and You

We make structured and in-depth calculations, based on date, duration, human resources, equipment, logistics, scale, level of difficulty and various payment methods for our services to enable you to enjoy the best solution for your business needs.

  • HartLogic care about the growth and sustainability of your project
  • HartLogic help you to solve important things that require special expertise
  • HartLogic solve problems by connecting you to experts
  • HartLogic stick to our values to help you become a successful entrepreneur
  • HartLogic use several payment methods that are tailored to you
  • HartLogic develop a methodology which is efficient and reliable
  • HartLogic always follow the latest technological developments, marketing, best practices, and rules

Consulting Method

We create a HartLogic consulting methodology to solve and grow your business efficiently and with quality.

This is where we define objectives, identify opportunities for engagement, and analyze information.

We start by knowing what you need to use the deep interview method to provide the right solution for you. With measurable goals, HartLogic works by analyzing from experience to make plans to accomplish your goals.

Before implementing the project, HartLogic created a SoW (Scope of Work) to envisage the results of the project that will be approved by you. After SoW is approved, HartLogic combines form and function and combines expertise, experience, usability and security to carry out the project.

Then the project will be reviewed and revised first, a test case is made and a usability test will be carried out to ensure the project’s readiness to be carried out.

Collecting data and analyzing feedback, HartLogic ensures that all projects launched are run according to the agreement with maximum results.

HartLogic uses data and analysis from projects that have been run to recommend new engagements in performance improvement. This we understand, as the revolution of user needs, including your business needs.

Use Case

Adolessons: Business Model Case Training

Eden Farm: Professional Company Profile Website




EUPHORIA: Innovation of Thousands of Youth in Writing and Comic Contest on Plastic Waste


FandB: Logo dan Brand Identity

MUI and TKN-PSL: Press Conference of Gerakan Sedekah Sampah Indonesia (GRADASI) Program and Launching of Guidebook and Friday Khutbah “Waste Management in Islamic Way”

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