HartLogic supports entrepreneurs
to achieve their sustainable goal(s)
through a strategic path
with support from mentorsexperts and omni-resources.

  • 2.000+ Goal Achieved
  • 1.000+ Entrepreneurs
  • 10+ Enterpriser
  • 20+ Hartrooper
  • 10+ Investors
  • Rp99 mil+ Donations
  • 100+ Free Educational Contents

Indonesia, Asia, Europe, USA

HartLogic Standard


Value > Amount

HartLogic has survived since 2012 because it prioritizes values and always wants to win together.


Active > Passive

HartLogic is always innovating to deliver best practices with the support of cutting-edge technology.


Hereafter > World

HartLogic maintains independence and only carries out halal activities and services to seek blessings.


Long Term > Short Term

HartLogic prioritizes circular projects with sustainability such as ESG and Scalability.


Polipoli > Monopoli

HartLogic is required to donate a minimum of 2.5% of its profits and provide free access to knowledge.

HartLogic Main Mentor: Bernhart Farras Sukandar S.Kom B.Eng MPA Cand. Tsinghua University, China

Let’s get to know the Founder, President and Main Mentor of HartLogic, Bern (Bernhart Farras Sukandar S.Kom B.Eng MPA Cand.) by pressing the image for the video or visiting Bernhart Farras’ Pranala Profile by pressing the following button

See his actions directly in the search engine

Kita Wujudkan, Sekarang.

1. Purpose

Define your personal or your organization’s purpose by knowing yourself, opportunities and setting priorities.

2. Effort

Become a sustainable entrepreneur by leading optimally through the challenges and taking planned risks.

3. Achieved

Achieve your personal or your organization’s purpose with the help of mentors, experts and omni-resources.

HartLogic was founded on 20 May 2012 as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) and led independently to support entrepreneurs around the world through 3 sub-organizations: Foundation (Yayasan HaLo Bantu Dunia), Enterprise (PT HartLogic Bangun Indonesia) and Society.
HartLogic is managed by Hartrooper, supported by Partners, and powered by Pranala.