To introduce HartLogic to entrepreneurs, Hartroopers also involves partners to provide information about HartLogic products and services, open new markets, listen to the wishes of potential customers, connect with consultants, and ensure that all processes regarding the use of products and services are carried out correctly.

You hold a big role! This is not just a matter of selling products and services, but fulfilling the expectations of entrepreneurs. You are the cutting edge.

Types of Reseller

If you have a good understanding and ability regarding Resellers and meet the requirements below, this is your time to join us as partners.

  • Enjoy sales and communication
  • Having experience in the field of sales
  • Good communication, initiative, negotiation and presentation skills
  • Hard worker, honest, persistent, and responsible
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Have a good ability to work independently and in teams

We Are Waiting For You!

Send your CV and motivation letter to with the subject “[HartLogic Partner] [Reseller]”.