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HartLogic humanizing human beings, upholding justice towards welfare and we are not focused on individual gain.

  • Hartlogic Foundation is grounded by the idea of entrepreneurship values which creates a better world by the effort of humanizing human. We do not simply provide financial aid as we intend to prosper people’s life by teaching them how to live in a sustainable manner
  • The three core values of the HartLogic Foundation are Humanity, Prosperity, and Justice
  • We are supported by generous people and driven by entrepreneurs.

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Idea, Inspiration, and knowledge are supposed to be found

Find all inspiring contents to start your Entrepreneurs journey.
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HartLogic Entrepreneurship Awards

Giving highest appreciation to those who have been striving to become a great entrepreneur for HartLogic believes that being an entrepreneur takes an enormous effort.

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HartLogic Research

Continue to seek and formulate research to find data and insights that can have an impact on better human life.

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HartLogic Conference

HartLogic Conference accommodates program proposals as initiatives in the form of solutions to social problems that will be initiated and presented by HartLogic Initiator to HartLogic Foundation administrators, HartLogic Foundation administrators and funders.

There are 5 parties that must be present at every HartLogic Conference event, namely: HartLogic Foundation Management, HartLogic Foundation Executive, HartLogic Initiator, and Fund Providers.

After the program, the initiative proposals will be executed by HartLogic Initiator under the supervision and guidance of HartLogic Foundation executives and administrators to make a social impact in improving justice and human welfare.

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HartLogic Scholarship

Providing education funding assistance to help entrepreneurs in gaining knowledge fairly because education is the right of all humans regardless of ethnicity, race, and religion.

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Grants and CSR

HartLogic supports all social responsibility programs. This plays a role in improving community welfare, protecting the environment, and providing scholarships for underprivileged children.

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