TKN-PSL, UNDP, and KLHK are collaborating again with HartLogic regarding Public Relations services to succeed the GRADASI (Indonesian Waste Alms Movement) workshop entitled “Potential of Waste as an Economic Growth and Empowerment of the People”. After previously entrusting HartLogic for online events, this time TKN-PSL, UNDP, and KLHK have entrusted HartLogic to handle the offline workshop which have held on Sunday, November 21, 2021 at Baitul Makmur Mosque, Telaga Sakinah Housing, Kab. Bekasi, West Java.

Here are the some challenges that we’ve encountered during the implementation of the event:

  1. The time span between the brief and the implementation of the event is tight (D-1)
  2. The event is held on Sunday (holiday/journalist picket)

The following are the solutions offered by HartLogic to contribute to the success of the GRADASI workshop:

  1. Mass Media Invitation Offline – Distribute event invitation to National Media
  2. Mass Media Distribution – Distribute press release to National Media
  3. Media Monitoring – Media Monitoring (7 days from event date)
  4. Exclusive Publication – Exclusive publication on Pranala.Media
  5. Attendance Management – Pranala.Link Event Offline

Although prepared in a short time, HartLogic managed to bring in various local and national media online and offline to cover the GRADASI event including:

  1. Pranala.Media
  2. MetroTV
  3. AntaraNews
  4. Koran Info Indonesia
  5. Reporter Jabar
  6. Jaman Info
  7. Medcom
  8. Siap Grak
  9. Berita Subang
  10. Bisnis Wisata
  11. Gue Cikarang
  12. RRI
  15. Islampos
  16. Janoer Koening
  • 📝 In Indonesia, the ineffective waste management process on land which causes waste leakage into water areas and a lack of public awareness of the dangers it causes adds to the problem of marine debris. Currently, 80% of Indonesia's marine waste comes from land and 30% of it is categorized as plastic waste. Every year, 1.29 million tons of plastic waste, which is affected by the tides of the waves, enter Indonesian waters and contribute to the accumulation of local waste (Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, 2018). Seeing the urgency of this problem, the Government of Indonesia is committed to solving it by issuing Presidential Regulation No. 83 of 2018 concerning Marine Waste Management in order to reduce 70% of marine waste by 2025. Through this Presidential Decree, the National Action Plan for Marine Waste Management (RAN PSL) was formed for 2018-2025 which provides strategic directions for ministries / agencies to deal with problems. marine debris over a period of 80%.
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