The rapid development of the media and technology industry makes people have various choices to get information/news that suits their needs. However, this is a challenge for media companies to always develop and become a choice for the public as a reference for relevant information sources. Therefore, Adolessons as one of the digital-based media platforms in Indonesia consulted HartLogic with the following brief:

  • Adolessons want to have a vision, mission, and business model to become a sustainable business.
  • Determine product market fit so that content is created based on the audience you want to target.
  • Leveraging digital services to increase content and platform traffic

HartLogic sees the need for Adolessons as a service with a long-term journey. Therefore, HartLogic recommends a Business Model Case (BMC) training first to better understand the business model that will be run by Adolessons in the future. The following are testimonials from Naka and Akbar from Adolessons after undergoing BMC training for one month:

Everything is delivered as promised and Adolessons could gain valuable insight from our meetings!

HartLogic was very helpful in listening and given the necessary recommendation about the future of Adolesson’s business
Naka & Akbar
  • 📝 Adolessons is a digital-based media platform that provides timeless educational content where the content we focus on/pillar content is about maturity, career, and financial literacy. The reason and vision of Adolessons is to provide answers for the target audience, especially fresh graduates to be ready to face the real world after they graduate and we will be a guide or direction in their maturity process. One of its missions is to provide educative content that is easily digested by the audience, besides that, it is hoped that it can produce a community that has one mindset and can exchange ideas and discuss any issues regarding their maturation process.
  • Area: Marketing & Communication
  • Client: Adolessons
  • 📅 2021
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