Your expanding market

When you become a HartLogic Franchisee you will be entering a market seeing consistent growth. With 1.75 billion global learners and more than 50 million students in Indonesia, the market is estimated to rise to 2 billion learners by 2020. This makes for a $50bn industry and one which you can thrive in.

Your established network

You’re not alone with HartLogic. Whether it’s through our personalized support or our huge established network of Entrepreneurship centers, we are proud to be a close-knit family. We have 1+ centers around the world, present in 1 territories, with over 1000 students and counting. It’s not just about the present. We have over 1 thousand alumni that we have taught over our 6 years. We offer approximately thousand classes a year and that number is going to continue to grow as our franchise partners do.

Our attractive business model

Do you want to get into the expanding digital learning market and become part of our established network? Then you can use our proven business model. It boasts highly attractive ongoing returns with an initial Return On Investment (ROI) seen within 2 years. You will be part of a well-known, international brand and be able to use HartLogic’s full-service delivery model, method, curriculum, and materials. A firm foundation will be built on by defined, standard structures that allow scale and rapid growth.

Your strong support team

A key reason for our franchisees’ success is our strong partner support team. Our main base of operations in Indonesia has a 2+ team supporting you in your business venture. From initial training for all your new network staff and managers to regular regional meetings, training and site visits, we’re with you all the way. Marketing, Sales, and Service are our expertise and we have a dedicated operational focus. We have fully documented and detailed Standard Operational Procedures for all aspects of the business and that is underpinned by the frequent support and training calls for you and your staff. Key functions of your, budding and eventually flourishing, center such as HR, IT and Finance will be supported by advice and guidance from our team. It’s not just your support team in Indonesia but the strong collaborative network of other franchisees who will support you in your venture and ultimate success.

Profile of a Franchisee

Do you like the sound of an expanding market, established network, proven business model, and strong partner support team? You could become part of our global network. We are looking for owners/operators and hands-on investors with an ambition to drive growth. You will have an entrepreneurial background with operational experience or be bringing a team with a strong operational background. It’s important you have strong marketing and sales skills and knowledge of these areas. Prior experience in the service or retail industries is definitely advantageous. Sufficient capital to fund the center opening and growth is important requiring a minimum of 250K.

How Franchising Work?

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