ZendMoney Online Media Launch Moderator Bernhart Farras
  • The role of online media is increasingly significant in the middle of the pandemic era. This is the background for a growing startup remittance service provider, ZendMoney, launched Online Media to expand the brand and public knowledge of ZendMoney products.
  • The Online Media launch event was broadcasted via live streaming on ZendMoney’s YouTube channel which was handled professionally by HartLogic.

Day/Date : Tuesday, 21 April 2020

ZendMoney: Online Media Launch – ZendMoney successfully held an Online Media launch event via live streaming that was professionally handled by HartLogic on YouTube and Zoom for 18 minutes 51 seconds. In fact, this conference also facilitated Q&A online interaction with audiences. Here are the equipments which were used to support the event for live streaming:


  • Logitech Video Webcam
  • MacBook
  • Logitech Spotlight
  • Earphone
  • Pen
  • Paper


  • Zoom Video Conference Premium
  • Google Slide
  • Google Forms
  • Pranala Media Monitoring

  • 📝 Increasingly difficult access and crossings between countries at this time, coupled with the current global economic slowdown, adds to the number of Indonesian PMIs and SMEs. With a mission to provide services for Indonesian migrant workers and SME players, Zendmoney is here as a remittance service provider using digital innovation to facilitate transactions between countries, Zendmoney hopes that with an easy and fast service PMIs can feel more comfortable, because the funds sent can arrive faster and easier for families at Home.
  • Area: Marketing & Communications, Multimedia & Content, Technology & Security
  • Client: ZendMoney
  • 📅 2020
  • 🌐 http://www.zendmoney.com