Succeeded with the previous event with a talk show entitled “Ending Plastic Pollution, Starting to Switch to Reuse Shopping Bags”, TKN-PSL (National Coordination Team for Marine Waste Management) collaborated with HartLogic for handling a socialization event of the Pilot Activity Program of the Independent Waste Management in Labuan Bajo. In this case, HartLogic is responsible for the production and distribution of press releases as well as coordinating arrangements for the media that will be attending the event.

Day/Date: Wednesday, 24 February 2021
Place: Labuan Bajo

Socialization of the Independent Waste Management Pilot Activity Program in Labuan Bajo

The launch of the Independent Waste Management Pilot Activity program in Labuan Bajo was successfully covered by several media which had been coordinated directly by the HartLogic Team. The following is a list of media that HartLogic has successfully compiled:

Press Release – Sekretariat TKN PSL Lakukan Program Pilot Activity Pengelolaan Sampah Mandiri Di Labuan Bajo, Guna Atasi Masalah Sampah | Redaksi – Pilot Activity, Program Pengelolaan Sampah di Labuan Bajo oleh Sekretariat TKN | Shenna – Labuan Bajo Jadi Pilot Activity Pengelolaan Sampah Mandiri | Fahrul Anwar – Dirut BOPLBF: Sampah Masalah Bersama yang Harus Diselesaikan dengan Inovasi dan Kolaborasi | Izarman – Pilot Activity Pengelolaan Sampah Mandiri, Atasi Masalah Sampah Labuan Bajo

Antaranews – Sampah di Labuan Bajo capai 13 ton per hari – Atasi Masalah Sampah di Labuan Bajo, Ini yang Dilakukan Badan Otoritas Pariwisata Labuan Bajo Of Flores

Pikiran Rakyat – BOPLBF Sebut Sampah di Labuan Bajo Masalah Serius dalam Kepariwisataan

Koran Info Indonesia

  • 📝 In Indonesia, the ineffective waste management process on land which causes waste leakage into water areas and a lack of public awareness of the dangers it causes adds to the problem of marine debris. Currently, 80% of Indonesia's marine waste comes from land and 30% of it is categorized as plastic waste. Every year, 1.29 million tons of plastic waste, which is affected by the tides of the waves, enter Indonesian waters and contribute to the accumulation of local waste (Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, 2018). Seeing the urgency of this problem, the Government of Indonesia is committed to solving it by issuing Presidential Regulation No. 83 of 2018 concerning Marine Waste Management in order to reduce 70% of marine waste by 2025. Through this Presidential Decree, the National Action Plan for Marine Waste Management (RAN PSL) was formed for 2018-2025 which provides strategic directions for ministries / agencies to deal with problems. marine debris over a period of 80%.
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  • Client: TKN-PSL, UNDP, AIS Forum
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