• Beri is a crowdfunding platform to help others with the subscription-based business model which has several advantages:
    • Easy
    • Modern
    • Transparent
  • CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Beri, Tama Hehanussa get in touch with HartLogic based on the recommendation by HartLogic’s partner
  • HartLogic and Tama meetings were setup short but meaningful meetings of roughly just an hour at a ramen noodle restaurant. While slurping our ramen we are sharing information about Hartlogic and Beri to get to know each other deeper
  • After that, we keep in touch via WhatsApp Group where Tama asks HartLogic Team to create a catchy and millennial – targeted also personalized motion graphic video about monthly report. The purpose is to give feedback for the user that will show every month in Beri app. With this video, we hope we could increase the level of trust and gather more user also an investor in the future
  • Tama also want the video to be short with catchy and modern design, with just a minute long, and focus on one of the foundations
  • Tama also asks us to create this motion graphic project within 2 weeks to a month long with amazing result
  • HartLogic team gave the advice and proposal to create a simple motion graphic video, with references from several modern application companies, in line with Tama who is also a millennial founder, and Beri’s target market who has a similar age range
  • Tama loves the proposed idea and proposal, then we take it to the next step
  • In the motion graphic video, HartLogic took the donation object managed by the PKBSI (Association of Indonesian Zoos) then PKBSI forwarded the money to several zoos in Indonesia such as Cikembulan Animal Park, Nias Heritage Museum, and Tamana Rimbo Jambi. In addition, it also explains how many total funds have been collected by the Beri’s application, as feedback for users that the money has been passed properly
  • With all those client’s request, we create a 1-minute long motion graphic video with a vibrant color palette to make it interesting and smooth transitions between scenes to make it easier for the audience to follow the flow of information in the video. And we did not forget to also use casual and personal words so that there is a sense of human feeling between users and the Beri application
  • This project was completed in 3 weeks with minor revision


  • Laptop
  • PC
  • Multi-monitor
  • Drawing Pad


  • Adobe After Effect Original
  • Adobe Photoshop Original
  • Google Docs
  • Google Spreadsheet
  • WhatsApp

Internal purpose only


Guys, That’s a Wrap.
We Love IT.
Everything’s perfect.
Thank You So Much!

Tama Hehanussa
CEO Beri
  • 📝 Beri is a crowdfunding platform to help others. The system is a subscription-based of at least 10 thousand per month, targeting people who already have a fixed monthly salary. Users will choose which foundations will distribute the donation. The video we made aims to inform the user how much funds have been contributed in a month, as well as which foundations were donated and who ultimately received donations from the foundations that the user had chosen.
  • Area: Multimedia & Content
  • Client: Beri
  • 📅 2020
  • 🌐 http://www.beri.my.id