The user is our main focus because HartLogic is user-centric. We focus on our users, not our future partner (in HartLogic future partner is what others say “competitor”). To understand what HartLogic user needs, the best way we think to engage and understand them better is involved the user in every step that we take.

Why we want you to join

  • Agile and Better Decision Making for product improvements
  • New possibilities of User Insights
  • Getting your real feedback
  • Improving personal experience
  • Source to find Brand Ambassador
  • Understand you better

Benefits of representing HartLogic users

  • Exclusive VIP ticket to HartLogic Expo
  • Get access exclusive to our high-quality press conferences with complimentary press passes
  • Benefit from having your profile promoted on HartLogic Partners website
  • Payless to enter HartLogic Official Events discounts

Role of the Entrepreneur Representative

  • Discuss HartLogic improvements at theUser Experience Research meeting.
  • Commitment to come to HartLogic Official Events before, during and after the event
  • Create testimony and HartLogic member success stories.

Interested in being a representative?

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