Finding answers and connections is indeed not easy

Discover and experience entrepreneurship directly through the HartLogic event.

Consuming online conent certainly not enough to meet our needs as entrepreneurs.

Presenting direct experience in achieving the HartLogic vision of “supporting entrepreneurs around the world”, has provided several challenges for Hartroopers (the HartLogic team) to continue to innovate.
We hold a variety of HartLogic Event to bring together, connect and open up collaboration opportunities for you as a place for you to enrich your knowledge and skills.

HartLogic Event Type

Entrepreneurship comes from French, namely entreprendre which means to try, while understanding in terminology is a discipline that studies the values, abilities and behavior of a person in facing life’s challenges to obtain opportunities with various risks they face.

With a vision of supporting entrepreneurs around the world, we created (HLIS) HartLogic Idea Sharing, a global scale event that addresses a variety of topics, ranging from technology, entertainment to design. HLIS is a well-prepared event and features inspiring speakers to share their experiences, knowledge, and ideas in facing life’s challenges. The topic is unlimited as long as the speaker has authenticity, unique, and able to inspire others. We are very inclusive, where anyone who has an inspiring story can share it at HLIS. You can even register to be a speaker. HLIS does not carry an agenda that discriminates against ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political views, religion or national / social origin.

The concept of HLIS is a two-way presentation and discussion program with a standby camera that records every moment. Then, there will be a discussion session after the presentation is finished. The HLIS program was very inclusive with three key words; story, inspiration, and action. Where HartLogic hopes the story of an inspiring entrepreneur can bring action from other entrepreneurs. All HLIS activities are documented and uploaded on the HartLogic channel.

HLIS Scope:

  • HLIS is organized by HartLogic
  • HLIS-u is organized by HartLogic & Educational Institution
  • HLIS-i is organized by HartLogic & HartLogic Initiator

Inside HLIS:

  • Idea Brainstorm: Anyone can voice their opinions about the definitions of the topics discussed at HLIS through Twitter, idea boxes, and videos.
  • Idea Content: The speaker conveys the content using presentation methods, Pecha Kucha, storytelling or other with a minimum duration of 5 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes.
  • Idea Personal Q&A: The audience can tell the background and ask questions to the speaker online and will be answered through video content that will be created after the event.

The event is intended specifically for members of the HartLogic Community to share experiences, build new connections, share knowledge, and make collaboration. It’s as simple as making an event at a coffee shop.

This activity aims to build capabilities of members in conducting a presentation about their ideas that can be discussed to be an activities, products, programs, or services that they develop. This event is just a casual meeting with the topics covered. The participant will issue ideas or opinions on the topics covered.

Travel to a new place with our community. Visit a new place or do some fun activities. Activities can be Traveling, Sport and Dinner. The event aims to bring community members closer, adding insight to network expansion but in a fun and exciting way.

  • Traveling: Learn the new culture and get experience. Example: Team-building.
  • Sport: Get healthy and stay motivated. Example: Golf Event.
  • Dinner: Eat together while discussing ideas. Example: Business Dinner.

The moment to show the various products created by entrepreneurs. They pitch a presentation and display the products, programs, and services, during 5 minutes (maximum, include question and answers), in order to help them to get more inspiration and chance to introduce to the public and even investors.

The show is just a casual gathering while enjoying a meal or a view. The event brings together community members so as to expand the network and insights of each member. No specific heavy topics discussed by the event are only aimed at brainstorming and adding network and insight.

Discussion Type:

  • Community
  • Study
  • Career
  • Business
  • Foundation/Social.

Creating new connections and building your network with someone you never expected before. Consist of 5 empty tables to be filled by the participant. Each table will cover a different topic with a time of 15 minutes, after which the timekeeper will tell that the participant should exchange the table to get new information on another table.

Matchmaking Type:

  • Co-founder Matchmaking
  • Mentor Matchmaking
  • Investment and Funding Matchmaking
  • Partnership and opportunity Matchmaking

Schedule of events