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How to introduce HartLogic

  1. Open presentation slide / hartlogic.com to help people understand by visual and direct communication.
  2. Why we build HartLogic: “We believe that everyone is an entrepreneur inside. Our vision is supporting entrepreneurs around the world. HartLogic is committed to support entrepreneurs by creating new connections, enabling collaborations, improving personal skills, providing knowledge, and building companies.” (http://org.hartlogic.com/about/us/It will be better if you add HartLogic history, values and your personal story with HartLogic after the mission.
  3. How HartLogic does it: “But this not about me, nor you. This is about us. We could turn that vision and mission into reality with our contribution by using the entrepreneurship platform.”
  4. What HartLogic offer: “Inside the entrepreneurship platform you would found three services: HartLogic Solution, HartLogic Foundation, and HartLogic Cloud. Solution is what we offer for entrepreneurs, Foundation is how we give back to society to enable everyone to feel our impact, and Cloud is to support business with sharable technology.”Explain the service in HartLogic solution one by one before explaining about foundation and cloud; sometimes you could explain the only HartLogic solution. If the user time/knowledge is limited.
  5. Pronounce HartLogic tagline: HartLogic? Kita Wujudkan, Sekarang.
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