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How to create & manage event at HartLogic Events

Step by step

  1. If you already have an Event Organizer account, visit http://www.hartlogic.id/publish-event/
  2. Read Guidelines below
  3. Copy format and post Event
  4. Wait for the publication confirmation from our team.
  5. Wait for the verification from our team
  6. Verified content will be published featured at HartLogic Events
  7. Get notified when participant book a seat.
  8. Download your automated report


  1. Event Name must consist of (CATEGORY + Title). example: WORKSHOP Social Media Marketing For Beginners. Here’s the list of approved event category:
    • Community: Practical / Not Practical
    • Seminar: one person (or group of people) explain various topics.
    • Talk show: one person (or group of people) discusses various topics with one moderator.
    • Bazaar: Enclosed marketplace or street where goods and services are promoted, exchanged or sold.
    • Conference: A combination of seminar/talk show/bazaar.
    • Workshop: a meeting at which a group of people engages in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.
    • Class: Series of workshop/program.
    • Course: Fixed series of workshop/program.
    • Company: An official event that represents a company e.g expo, open house, launching, press conference
      If you couldn’t found or understand the category please ask our team at contact.
  2. Copy the text below the line to your new event details.
  3. Replace the {} symbol and italic text with your text description. example: {Bernhart Farras}
  4. Replace the {} symbol and italic text with your numeric description. example: {numeric}
  5. Put link before the put link description. example: {Put Link in see profile}
  6. Event Image/ Featured Picture / Poster must have minimum 400×400 pixel and maximum 400kb
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