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HartLogic Engine

Solution For People, For Partner, For Business
Foundation Social, Education, Awards
Cloud Domain, Server, Storage


We sort into 3 category to make you understand HartLogic solution.
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For People B2C

HartLogic provides the latest scholarship, competition, job openings, courses, seminars and workshops. There is also content to improve knowledge in HartLogic Insight Features. In addition to information and insights, your HartLogic YOU features can build event and improve yourself by practicing and building educational and career profiles.

Features: Discover, Insights, Community, Events, Market, You.

For Partner C2B

Let's collaborate! By becoming a partner of HartLogic in terms of localization, entrepreneurship and management. Grow entrepeneurship ecosystem with us. Your services and talent will be distributed with users across the HartLogic platform.

Features: Start a local chapter, Spread entrepreneurship, Join management.

For Business B2B

HartLogic helps businesses from scratch or existing ones with guided experienced mentors in the HartLogic Incubator program. Once your business is formed we can accelerate growth with HartLogic Consulting. Selected companies may also join HartLogic Ventures.

Features: Consulting, Incubator, Business.


It's the power of HartLogic.

Social S2F

Features: Charity, Village Development, Planet

Education F2S

Features: Scholarship, School, University.

Awards S2F

Features: Prize, Nomination, People Development.


Data safety is a priority.


Features: Buy, Transfer, DNS Management, Forwarding, Theft Protection.


Features: Storage Center, Storage at Home, Storage Setup.

About HartLogic

HartLogic is an entrepreneurship platform which supports the entrepreneurs around the world by developing entrepreneurs and building companies. HartLogic's vision is supporting entrepreneurs around the world with "Kita Wujudkan, Sekarang." as the official tagline.

Our Mission

HartLogic is committed to support entrepreneurs by creating new connections, enabling collaborations, improving personal skills, providing knowledge, and building companies.

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